STS Summer Updates

8-6-2020 Summer Update

August 6, 2020

Choppy recording with our new microphone; we apologize for this.  The mic cuts out at some of the most important parts, too!  An overview of the entire podcast, and everything that was "skipped" over. 

1.  Whatever option you chose on the Family Decision Form will be honored

    - If you selected 100% elearning, you got it. 

   - If you selected AM core instruction or PM core instruction, then you got that.

   - If you wanted your child(ren) to be on campus all day, then we are honoring that as well. 

            - Most who will be on campus for the full day will have their core instruction in the afternoon. 

2. We plan to get the specifics of your child's day by early next week

    - who their teacher will be

    - who will be monitoring their on-site elearning pod

    - what classroom / space they will occupy throughout the day

3. Great new additions to our campus from our PTO: hoops and decal in our gym.  It's beautiful! 

4. CCD will be using our classrooms on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  They come in BEFORE our night cleaning crew, so a thorough cleaning will happen in between their departure, and your kids arrival the following day. 

5. Welcome to our new kindergarteners!  Screening has been going so well. 


6. I'll buy a new mic. Sorry.

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